We have been following the new security keys or Passkeys for WhatsApp for iOS for a long time, but it seems like a never-ending story. A few months ago Meta introduced Passkeys for Android, leaving its iOS version slightly behind in terms of this function. However, the betas for the iPhone showed that progress was being made towards the introduction of this function that increases the security of our account. Finally, The new beta of WhatsApp for iOS shows that Passkeys are about to be launched definitively thus completing a long development process.

WhatsApp Passkeys will arrive very soon on iOS

In recent months, as I mentioned, we have seen great progress regarding the integration of security keys or Passkeys in WhatsApp for iOS since Android already has them built in in its official version. Remember that these Passkeys are another security measure created by the FIDO alliance that allows Sign in using secure authentication methods such as facial recognition or fingerprint displacing traditional access codes.

The official WhatsApp website already announces the arrival of Passkeys to iOS very soon and in fact in the latest version of the beta A new menu is incorporated to configure these access keys as WABetaInfo shows in one of its publications. In one of the screenshots WhatsApp shows the following message:

Access WhatsApp the same way you unlock your phone: with Face ID, Touch ID or your device password. Your passcode gives you a secure and easy way to log back into your account.

Also remember that Passkeys will not be mandatory but rather it is one more security element that Meta makes available to users and that makes login more flexible, increasing access security. Very soon we will have a new update of the application with the arrival of these security keys and we will be able to check how to create our own security key. We will keep you informed.