Messaging apps became a battle of giants a long time ago. Big applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram try to capture and keep as many users as possible. It is clear that almost all apps have a lot of different functions, but some of them differ. This is the case of the surveys available on Telegram for a long time. WhatsApp has started testing poll creation and voting in its official beta on iOS. Will it be the announcement of the arrival of the surveys to WhatsApp?

Surveys on WhatsApp could arrive very soon

The WhatsApp beta is available to some privileged iOS users through the TestFlight tool and registration as a beta tester in the WhatsApp database. Weekly, app developers test and release new features to debug them with repeated use by users. Some of those features get to be fully released features, but a lot of them die because they decide it’s not a good time to release them or because they permanently decline.

The latest release has arrived with the new version for beta app users via TestFlight a few hours ago. It is about the possibility of create polls and vote on them through WhatsApp chats. The function appears in the ‘+’ icon located at the bottom left of the chat, where we can also select other interactions with the user or the chat in question.


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in this beta surveys can include up to 12 different answers and at the end of the vote you can see who has voted and what option. It is clear that this function can become very powerful And we have no doubt that big changes are coming, such as the possibility of keeping the votes of each user hidden or another type of permission management that we will see over time.

However, it is an unequivocal sign that WhatsApp is still trying to move forward. On many occasions, behind other applications such as Telegram whose surveys have been available for years.