WhatsApp improves the experience with iOS 17

2023 is the year of Meta, since it has been one of the years that has included the most novelties in WhatsApp, launching a new desktop version for Mac and the launch of the first native beta for Apple iPads, one of the novelties that All of us lovers of the bitten apple were waiting for more and after many years, it is finally with us. In this article, We are going to know the main new features of WhatsApp for iOS 17 and you will surely love them.

Stand By

The version of WhatsApp for iOS 17 adapts to sleep mode and appears in this new window. If you send us a message from WhatsApp A message will appear and we will be able to read it in its entirety.

To activate this function, we have to go to Settings < sleep mode and we choose the option to show notifications. In the opinion of this humble servant, perhaps this option is the most interesting of all those that have the Stand by mode, because it allows us to see the notifications that arrive to us and not see the calendar or the time, which you can see from a thousand different places .

Video calls and calls

Another more interesting aspect is the video calls, where reactions on WhatsApp are included for the first time. We also have these new features on Face Time and thanks to them we can have WhatsApp video calls in a much more productive and dynamic way. Specifically, if we raise our thumb a balloon appears, also if we make the victory symbol confetti or balloons appear and if we use the rock symbol we generate a concert.

When they call us through the WhatsApp application, if we have generated a poster, the person’s poster will appear. Now, WhatsApp has not bothered to just copy and added some quick response features on calls like I can call you later?, I’m on my way, I can’t talk. We also have the option to customize and add our own message, as well as remember the call I have canceled in an hour or when I leave here.


Now we can send the Stickers directly from the WhatsApp application and that are located next to the icons. Now, if the Stickers do not appear anywhere, you have to go to the keyboard application in settings and activate the Sticker option so that it appears directly on the keyboards.

Also remember that if you go to the photo app and long press an object, it will be automatically cropped and we will have a Sticker that we can host on WhatsApp. Remember, you have very basic Sticker options, but there are some interesting ones such as minimal customization.

Continuing with the WhatsApp newswe have to highlight the reactions, one of the most fun features of the latest and that has improved with iOS 17. If we are in a video call, we slide the control center and enter the different options that we have available, such as el portrait mode, studio light and lastly, reactions. The first two include some customization options such as increasing the degree of portrait mode or the light that our face receives in studio mode.