The instant messaging application par excellence, WhatsApp, is constantly evolving. A few weeks ago, the possibility of carrying out surveys was included, the communities began to be implemented throughout the ecosystem and also the compatibility of video calls with up to 32 people. These functions passed a prior beta period that can only be accessed by members integrated into the WhatsApp beta program. In one of those betas published a few days ago it has been discovered that WhatsApp is working on text messages that can be viewed only once. A function that we already have if we refer to videos or images.

Self-destructing text messages, the next thing on WhatsApp

The function is clear and self explanatory. In fact, the screenshot that heads the article reflects the meaning of the function: text messages that self-destruct when viewed once. This is a new feature that WhatsApp has begun testing on Android devices with access to the beta program. A new send button with a padlock has appeared on these terminals, reflecting that a visible text message will be sent only once.


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The same thing happens when we send a photo or video under the well-known “1”, which indicates that it can only be played once. Also, as with self-destructing media and improvements added in recent weeks These messages cannot be forwarded, copied, nor can screenshots be taken.

These screenshots published in WABetaInfo show a bit of what the function will look like in WhatsApp, although it is clear that the final version will have a completely different design as well as, as we have commented, the possibility of taking screenshots will be prohibited. It is one more step to add private content to conversations that will be deleted once read by the recipient. It only remains to wait and see when WhatsApp wants to launch this function globally.