Video calls came to WhatsApp after the boom in calls between users through virtual media. Since then, dozens of features and new features have arrived, among them the increase in the number of people who can be on the call at the same time. Last December, WhatsApp began testing the picture-in-picture feature with your video calls, an option that allowed to keep the video call in floating mode while the user moved through the rest of iOS. A few hours ago a new app update was published and the feature is now available to everyone.

Floating video calls come to WhatsApp

The function picture in picture (or Picture-in-Picture in English) is a function that came to iOS with the aim of increase multitasking with certain functions. In this case, with FaceTime video calls or content playback. Thanks to this function, playback or call was minimized and located in small and thus the user could continue browsing iOS without losing the content, being able to simultaneously interact with it.

Picture-in-Picture on iOS: In beta testing to roll out next year. Thanks to a minimized in-call video screen, you can now multitask while in communication.

Until now, WhatsApp and its video calls did not support picture-in-picture. So when we minimized the app when we were on a video call, our video would pause. This was something that didn’t make sense considering that iOS supported picture-in-picture.

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This changed last December when The WhatsApp beta began testing the image-on-image function. This allowed minimizing the video call while keeping the camera active and being able to perform other tasks within iOS. Finally, WhatsApp has launched a new version of the app in the App Store including the option officially for all devices.

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