WhatsApp growth seems to be exponential in recent months. It is not only because it is the most widely used instant messaging social network in the world, but also because the development team behind the app works tirelessly to offer new features to users. Every week we have new betas for developers that show what is the path that Meta is taking with WhatsApp. On this occasion, it is not betas that are announced but new features for admins. Between them, the option to admit or reject group access requests.

Greater control for group administrators in WhatsApp

A few months ago WhatsApp launched communities, a revolutionary format that changed the concept we had of the messaging app. This function made it possible to generate large common groups of users attached to a community with a large number of subgroups within it. It was a way of organize the groups within a larger concept that they called community. The use of this function seems to be high because WhatsApp has wanted to continue developing functions to exploit this tool.


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In a new post on his official blog Two new features have been announced. Between them, now group admins can admit or reject to users who want to access. This occurs when a group access link is shared. Currently the group is directly accessed while with this function there must be prior control by one of the administrators of the group to which you want to access.

On the other hand, a modification is included in the conversation search engine. Now when we put a user’s name we access the groups in common that we have with that user. According to WhatsApp, it is a way of trying to solve the problem of not knowing in which group something we are looking for is in, but we do remember who is in that group. These functions They will appear on our devices gradually from right now