WhatsApp not working? You can use these apps

Messaging apps you can use

It cannot be denied that WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications, and surely the most used, at least in our country, therefore, the fact that it stops working can cause some headaches depending on the moment in which get caught and, above all, if you were talking about something important with someone. Once this happens, the only thing you can do is wait for Meta to solve the problem and the app to work normally again, however, until then you can use other applications to continue that important conversation.

The first app we want to talk to you about is already installed on your iPhone, and it is Messages. Apple’s messaging app is very useful for this type of case, since, as we have mentioned, you won’t have to download anything at all. Of course, you have to take into account that for this messaging service to be free, the other person also has to have an iPhone, otherwise what you will be sending will be the traditional SMS. It is true that it does not have all the functions that the Meta application has, but of course it can be a very good app for exchanging messages, since in fact, when it comes to using it, it is sometimes more comfortable and simpler than other apps. In addition, now with the update that it has undergone in iOS 16 you will have very useful tools at your disposal.


On the other hand, we could not pass up the opportunity to recommend you Telegram, which after WhatsApp is surely the second most used messaging app. Surely every time the Meta app crashes, you go to Telegram and see how several of your contacts have joined this application and the reality is that it has more and better functions than WhatsApp, so it is an opportunity very good to try it and, who knows, if you will definitely stay with it. Be that as it may, Telegram can help you in those moments in which WhatsApp does not work and you have to maintain that urgent conversation.

Take into account social networks

Surely the first thing you did to check if WhatsApp really wasn’t working was enter twitter and thus verify that it was not your problem but the application itself. Well, social networks are also another very good means of communication in these cases. And it is that, as surely you know Twitter, Instagram or Facebook They are not only used to put Tweets, upload photos or publish your summer vacations.

All of them have a chat section, a messaging section, which in these cases can come in very handy if you had something relatively important to tell someone, since also, surely, just as it has happened to you, that person is also in these social networks to verify that WhatsApp does not work.