WhatsApp on iPad, so you can have it

WhatsApp on iPad without third-party apps

The first thing we have to do to have WhatsApp on the iPad is to go to Safari or your default browser and search for WhatsApp web. Then we go to the WhatsApp Web official page. A QR code appears on the main page. From the iPhone, we go to configuration and click on “bind the device”. We scan the QR code and all the information is transferred to the iPad and we already have complete freedom.

To have more accessible whatsapp web, On the Safari home screen we can go to the share tab and click on Add home screen» and we always have it on the iPad for quick access. Once we are inside the WhatsApp web page, we go to the window of “setting” and we use the keyboard shortcuts to be able to use WhatsApp Web more quickly.

Limitations of WhatsApp on iPad

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one of his limitations most important is the optimization, since the application does not have the same level of fluidity that we have on the iPhone or the Mac, so the user experience will not be the same. The connection stability It is not the same as with the official application either, due to the fact that we constantly depend on the internet and its stability, so if it suffers performance drops, we may lose the connection and have to wait for the application to load. page again. Also, if we spend a lot of time with the window in the background, it stops receiving messages, so a certain disconnection occurs.

Secondly, we also cannot perform any function of video call or calls, giving that it can only be done from iPhone. Within the WhatsApp Web application, we do not have the same options of photo editing or filters. Also, we can’t share location, add contacts or even send broadcast messages.

Similarities with the official app

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Despite some disadvantages that the WahtsApp Web application has and that we have seen in the previous paragraph, it also has some advantages as the possibility of power add and send emojis, files, photos, stickers, download images and even send voice messages. In addition, we can also use temporary messages that enhance our privacy and security. A very interesting advantage is the possibility is the option of multi-device, that is, this option allows you to send and receive messages regardless of whether the iPhone is on fire or has an internet connection.

Finally, if you want remove the pairing between iPad and iPhone, Click on close the session and to use the WhatsApp web option again, you will have to repeat the entire process. Finally, in the Apple Store we have third-party applications that can emulate WhatsApp on iPad. However, they are applications that are not official and will use our data, so they are not recommended at all.

Leave us in the comments if the web version of WhatsApp on the iPad is enough for you.