Progress in the development of new functions for messaging applications continues to be a challenge for companies. While some users defend WhatsApp tooth and nail, others are beginning to find Telegram as a much better alternative, or even other users prefer to stay with Apple Messages, within the ecosystem. A few hours ago, WhatsApp presented its chat filters, that will arrive in the coming weeks, a way to maintain order within all the conversations we have open so that they can be categorized well to quickly find that conversation we are looking for.

More order will come to WhatsApp with chat filters

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In a new publication on the official WhatsApp blog it is explained in detail the purpose and operation of the new WhatsApp chat filters. Why its creation? Very easy:

Opening WhatsApp and finding the right conversation should be a quick, fluid and simple process. As people do more and more things on WhatsApp, it's more important than ever to be able to access your messages quickly. So you can do this without having to scroll through your entire inbox, today we're launching new chat filters.

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Finding conversations within an infinite number of chats is complicated, which is why little by little options have been added to filter better. One of them is the function of archiving chats. However, it was not enough and WhatsApp will launch chat filters in the coming weeks, some buttons located at the top of the conversations that when pressed will only appear the conversations that meet the filter:

  • All: keep all your conversations handy
  • Not read: only shows conversations with unread messages
  • Groups: Only those group conversations will appear, including subcommunities

This function It is now available for some users from today but the implementation will be gradual as WhatsApp says and will appear on the rest of the devices in the coming weeks.