Whatsapp Will Bring iMessage-Like Profile Pictures In The New Update

Within the chat list, WhatsApp is currently putting out a reaction preview. Only a select number of beta users will have access to the update. The latest update, which raised the version number to, was uploaded through the TestFlight beta program, according to WABetaInfo.

If the most recent interaction in a conversation was a reaction, the “reaction preview” feature enables viewers to examine a text preview of that reaction. The feature has already been made available to certain Android beta users of the Meta-owned app, and it is currently being made available to some iOS test users.

Whatsapp Will Have The iMessage Profile Photo For Chats

According to WABetaInfo, “The feature has already been made available to some users after installing WhatsApp beta for Android update or subsequent releases, and WhatsApp is currently making the feature available to some iOS beta users who install the most recent version via TestFlight.” A screenshot of the feature was also provided on the page.

Even when someone within the chat list responded to your status, a text snippet can still be seen inside a chat cell. Notably, even if you have “response notifications” turned off in WhatsApp Settings > Notifications, there is no option to stop this feature, according to WABetaInfo. Some Android beta users of the instant messaging software last week received the option to read status updates within the chat list. In the upcoming weeks, the feature will be made available to additional users.

The “status reactions” function for the instant messaging app was just announced. Users can now respond to a message status with eight emojis thanks to this innovation, including Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Clapping Hands, Face with Tears of Joy, Crying Face, Folded Hands, Party Popper, Face with Open Mouth, and Hundred Points.