WhatsApp is working on a new functionality (very good, by the way) that will allow transfer your chats and all your history to another iPhone without having to restore them from an iCloud backup.

Currently, and as many of you have already suffered when changing your iPhone, WhatsApp only allows us to pass on our chats, multimedia files and others if we have them uploaded as a “backup copy” in iCloud. With the new functionality that they have called (they have been very complicated with the name) “Transfer chats to iPhone”, users will only have to download WhatsApp on the new phone, register with the same phone number that we had in the previous one and scan a QR code that will appear on your old phone to automatically transfer all your chat history and files to your new device.

As they effectively point out from WaBetaInfo, This functionality is very very good, especially for users who have a reduced iCloud plan. (for example, the free 5GB offered by Apple) and they do not have space available in the Cupertino service to make a complete backup copy of the chats (many times it exceeds 10-20 GB depending on the multimedia files that we have stored ).

This functionality is currently available for some WhatsApp beta users. It is expected that it will be deployed to more people in the coming days (to beta users) but we do not know when it will reach the final version of WhatsApp for all users to enjoy.

The news that this functionality is in testing comes after parent company Meta announced last week that it is also going to implement multi-device login for its messaging app. A piece of news that I think has not upset anyone. That change means that users will be able to log in to the same WhatsApp account on up to four phones, instead of being limited to a single phone and various desktop devices. Have your personal WhatsApp on the secondary phone and on your own? It will be possible.

A new progress by WhatsApp that has been offering interesting improvements to users for some time now. And continue on this path.