WhatsApp will have a new functionality that will change your life

Some time ago WhatsApp got its act together and began to improve an application that was lagging (far) behind the competition. now, the company acquired by Meta is working on a feature that will change your life and surely it will do it for good. This functionality is none other than the transcription of audios to texts.

The audio transcript will come to WhatsApp, and it is that, as WABetaInfo points out, the latest version of the WhatsApp beta for iOS introduces this transcription function for the audio notes that are sent to us by chat. With this function, the app will identify, understand and will transform the message sent to you by audio into text in case you can’t listen to it at that moment (or you just prefer to read it than listen). Of course, in this Beta version, functionality is not fully polished and has room for improvement until its release version. still has some limitations.

For example, transcripts are not available when no words are identified or when the voice message is in a different language than the one set for transcripts. On the other hand, all transcripts will be processed on our device and will not be uploaded to WhatsApp or Apple servers, which is a great advantage in terms of privacy (even though Meta is the company behind it and its precedents).

For now, only the beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone has the transcription function, and it is not clear when it will arrive in the Android application. Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s main competitors today, already offers audio and video transcription. However, in that case, the feature is only available to Telegram Premium subscribers. On WhatsApp, the feature will be free for everyone. No more having to listen to audios from those “heavy friends” who respond to everything with long audios or even to say two words to you.

Remember that WhatsApp has also announced this week additional news for your States and that we have also told you in Actualidad iPhone, with the intention of improving the experience and promoting its use among the community. They are also working on a desktop version for macOS with M chips.. Let’s continue.