When is it best to use the 5 W charger?

The 5 W charger has been one of the chargers that has accompanied our iPhone in its box for the longest time and, only at the last minute, 20W technology has been incorporated, an option that is far behind the charging speed established the main manufacturers. However, the charger 5W is still very apt for today and, if you want protect the battery of your device, said charger is key.

protect our battery

One of the main benefits of using a 5W charger is the battery protection of our devices. As you already know, current batteries are made of lithium ions and have a limited number of charge cycles before they start to lose performance.

If you use a lower wattage charger, such as a 5W charger, charging will be slower, which can help preserve battery life by preventing it from draining. too hot during the charging process.

Do you charge the iPhone all night?, use it

use the charger 5w at night andIt is one of the best options to charge our iPhone at night because it is a slow and leisurely charge and you do not mind that its charge lasts two hours than two and a half hours.

In fact, a slow and steady charging it can be beneficial for the battery. Using a 5W charger at night is a smart choice, as it provides enough time for the device to fully charge while we sleep, without straining the battery.

charge iphone

Same situation when we find ourselves before a long trip by plane or train, where we don’t need to charge the battery quickly. In these cases, it is likely that we are using the device sporadically and we do not need a fast charge to keep it operational. Also, when using a lower power charger, we reduce the risk of overheating and damage to the device.

Cost and energy savings

The new iPhones do not include a charger and the compatible charger is priced at 30 euros. A fairly high price. Therefore, a solution may be to use the 5w charger and not buy it at the time of purchasing the new device. When you buy the new charger, you can use the previous as a backup in case the new one is lost or broken. Alongside that, the 5W charger has a energy saving, since, it needs less resources to start emitting the necessary energy to charge the battery. This can be beneficial in the event that we charge the iPhone in certain situations.

Charge iPhone top

By way of conclusion, the 5w charger can be a great option to extend the life of the battery of your device because it offers less heating and a much slower charge without stressing the lithium ions. However, its consequence is that the charging periods are longer, but depending on each situation, it can be a positive aspect and not a negative one.