When is the best time to buy or sell a Mac?

Macs are very expensive devices, but they are a safe and quality investment because you get back every penny you invest in the unit for its hardware features, software and support over many years. However, when you’ve had your Mac for 4-5 years, you may want to renew it for one with better features and sell your previous device. In this post, we are going to see when is the best and the worst time to buy a Mac.

Mac with Intel chip

In case you have a Mac with Intel chip, unless you have the 16-inch MacBook Pro or 27-inch iMac, equipped with the best hardware features. All of the above devices are units that are gradually losing value, and as Apple Silicons become established, the price drop is exponential.

The devices top ranges mentioned aboveif you can continue giving it revenue for several more years, because the M2 Pro have some fascinating features, but not all applications are adapted to the Silicon’s new architecture. Therefore, When is the best and worst time to sell it? In the case that we are analyzing, at the moment that the applications necessary for your work are enabled to the new Apple architecture.

Apple Silicon

He macbook air It was the first device to carry the first generation Apple Silicon, a device that was a hit on the table due to its autonomy, performance and thermal efficiency. Recently, the M2 and M2 Pro generations have been presented, they are excellent performance chips.

MacBook Pro connection

Two years on the market, the thirteen-inch MacBook Air, Mac mini or MacBook Pro M1, are two devices that are still fully functional and with a chip with very few drawbacks unless you have a more advanced workflow and need more hardware. Therefore, When is the best time to sell a Mac with Apple Silicon?

Unlike iPhones, Macs don’t have an exact product release date. Proof of this are the M2 pro, which was presented by press release in January 2023. Instead, the first generation of the Silicon took place in November 2020 and the redesign of the MacBook Air in June 2022. Therefore , according to the presentations made by Apple, we can highlight two dates mainly.

macbook air

The best and worst months to buy and sell a Mac

On the one hand, we have the event of November, where Apple could present the third generation of the M series. On the other hand, we have the Developers Conference, where Apple has also presented a new Mac on several occasions. Within this Conference, macOS, the Mac operating system, is also presented .

If we take into account the two data mentioned, the best month for sell a mac They are the dates prior to the Conference or the months of September or October. Firstly, the new generation of macOS will mean that your Mac is a year older and, therefore, you will be able to get less profitability from it and secondly, because in November the arrival of a new computer is possible.

MacBook Air Dock

In case you want buy a Mac, the two best periods are contrary to its sale, that is, June and November, for the possibility of presentation at the Developers Conference, as well as the possible event that Apple saves in November.