When you see the design of the iPhone SE you will forget about the iPhone 16

New rumors of the next iPhone SE4! Apple's entry-level phone is now on sale in its third generation, but with a design that, if we compare it with the rest of its range, is outdated. Now new leaked information suggests what the design of the next batch will be like. Do you want to know what it could bring back? We tell you about it in this article!

The well-known leaker of X, Majin Bu, has been the one who has shared all this information. Specifically, he has uploaded a post in which you can see rendered images of what the back and front of the phone would look like. And we already told you that it is a mix between the iPhone XR and the iPhone 15. But, what can that combination be? We will tell you about it below.

The new iPhone SE 4 would have this iPhone XR

According to the images that have been published in X, a body size is observed that, according to the leaker, «They would be similar to those of an iPhone XR«. But the truth is that it is not only these measurements that would make the iPhone SE 4 look like this model. But the real meeting point is the rear camera.

All models that have come to market since the iPhone 11 have had at least two lenses in the camera system. The last model that went on sale that had a single lens (not counting the current iPhone SE), was the iPhone XR. In this case. It can be seen how the next SE 4 would have a single optic on the back, with the flash just below. Yes, too There is a difference in the material in which the lens is made: a darker color and a rougher texture that differs from the rest of the rear glass.

Based on what has been reported to me, the iPhone SE could have a design very similar to that of the current iPhone 16 still in development. The new iPhone SE will most likely have a single camera instead of the double one of the iPhone 16 models, otherwise it seems that the… https://t.co/9jVjRk5yny https://t.co/Z1Gio4nBRu

February 9, 2024 • 10:31

What you will have about the iPhone 15

Another key element that is also observed in the phone is that, on the front, we have Dynamic Island instead of Notch. We are in a moment where a transition from the notch to the dynamic island is taking place. And apparently, the company's entry-level phone would have the same system that the entire iPhone 15 family has.

On the side you can see, slightly, a combination of buttons very similar to what we have seen so far: lock button on the right side and the volume buttons and the regulator on the left side.

What remains to be known

These rumors are only about the exterior design. The iPhone SE is a device that is characterized by being entry-level and having more restrained specifications than its older brothers, but without giving up power. On this occasion we have been able to see images of what it would look like. Although, yes, we must keep in mind that we are dealing with rumors, and that this could change regarding the final appearance.

Still We do not know what processor it will have, nor the RAM, nor the screen system, nor how the camera will behave.. There is still a lot to know what this new device is going to have. But little by little, we are able to glimpse a little light at the end of the tunnel of rumors.