Where are AirPods Pro cheaper?

The Second-generation AirPods Pro have taken a leap forward from their previous generation, becoming one of the most recommended devices to give away this Christmas. However, the starting price is quite high, but, Where could we buy this device cheaper? We analyze it below.

Where to buy the cheapest AirPods

Apple is not used to making offers or discounts on the products that Apple has on its website. The price is the same throughout the year, therefore, we are going to cite some pages where it is worth buying the cheapest AirPods Pro.

  • Media Mark: In this establishment we can find the second generation AirPods Pro at the same price as its predecessor generation. It is an important difference, especially if we see that the changes between generations have been very noticeable.

  • The English Court: The best offer of AirPods for this Christmas can be found in the physical stores of El Corte Inglés. The Spanish company sells the second generation AirPods for 239 euros.
  • Amazon: Amazon’s online sales platform usually makes interesting discounts on all Apple products and AirPods are no exception. The offers range between 20-30 euros, an interesting discount for a product that came out a short time ago.
  • Yaphone: The Yaphone online platform began selling mobile devices at very competitive prices. This same formula has been repeated with the second generation AirPods, for 275 euros, about 25 euros cheaper than on the official Apple website.

Main features of AirPods Pro

If you found the price of the second generation AirPods Pro interesting, let’s comment some features of these little headphones so you have no doubt that it will be the most recommended purchase.

First, sound quality It’s really good, taking a leap from the previous generation. Likewise, they are the first groomers that have spatial audio, which is a system where the sound enters through one earphone and another depending on how you move. To conclude the sound issue, this headset has a lossless sound system, where the fidelity of the music will make your enjoyment much more satisfactory.

AirPods Pro Box

Secondly, they include two very interesting modes for when we are on the street or at work. On one hand, we have the ambient mode, which allows you to listen to music or audio that you are listening to without problems while allowing you to hear what is around you. However, you can also do the opposite way, that is, the noise cancellation mode that prevents the arrival of external sounds to concentrate on what is important.

Lastly, the autonomy it is much better than the previous generation, forgetting that you have to charge the device. It is true that the case is less ergonomic than the original AirPods, but in practical terms, the charging case and the battery that the AirPods incorporate are fabulous.

AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone 14 Pro MaxLeave us in the comments if you think the second-generation AirPods Pro is Apple’s most interesting device in 2022.