Whether we like it more or less, the Apple Vision Pro will be the new iPhone

When Apple revealed the Vision Pro headset in June during WWDC, it also told us about its price, a price that drew a lot of criticism and was also a disappointment for many users, $3,499, which could be even a little higher when it arrives in Europe . But don’t worry, Apple has a plan to make the Apple Vision Pro more affordable.

In a few years we will all have an Apple Vision Pro

Many technology analysts agree that the Apple Vision Pro could follow in the iPhone’s footsteps in terms of impact and accessibility. Just as the iPhone revolutionized the way we communicate and access information, the Vision Pro could mark a similar historic moment in the realm of mixed reality.

The latest rumors speak of the possibility that Apple is developing multiple Vision Pro versions, with special attention to a more economically affordable variant. This could mean the beginning of a strategy similar to that adopted by Apple with the iPhone. If Apple manages to offer a high-quality augmented / mixed reality experience at a more affordable price, the Vision Pro could become a device that not only attracts developers and users who are fans of the brands, but also integrates in a normal way in the daily life of a broader public.

The mass adoption of the Apple Vision Pro could change the way we interact with the digital and physical environment. Just as the iPhone became an indispensable extension of our lives, the Vision Pro could usher in a new era, where augmented reality is integrated naturally into our daily lives. In the same way that everyone now carries a smartphone with them, in the not-so-distant future everyone could have a Vision Pro, whether from Apple or other brands that will surely also embark on the adventure.

What will the new Apple Vision Pro designs be like?

The report on the new Vision Pro designs comes from leaks by supply chain analysts at DigiTimes, who suggest that the second generation of the Vision Pro will include both high-end and low-end models.

I have to pause here, because perhaps in this and other articles you are wondering why I use the term Vision Pro in masculine and not feminine. Well, the reality is that although on an aesthetic level they are “glasses”, Apple has labeled this product as a computer, therefore I will always refer to it as the Apple Vision Pro.

Price outlook: 1,750 euros, the right price?

Rumors talk about the possibility that the Vision Pro will sell for around €1,750, lor which represents a significant improvement over the €3,499 which those who want to be the first to have the device will have to pay. However, keep in mind that Apple won’t compromise on features or convenience in order to reduce prices, and that the company may consider that, when the time comes, offering a more affordable version is more beneficial than maximizing profits per unit sold.