Which Apple Watch to buy in 2022?

At the September event, Apple has not only presented the new iPhone, it has also renewed the entire range of Apple Watch. That is why surely, with up to 3 different options in the Apple Store, many potential buyers wonder which of all is the most suitable for them, and that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this post.

The Apple Watch for most

Since the Apple Watch hit the market, Apple has been evolving the concept of smartwatch to turn it into a technological device that today has already been able to save many lives thanks to the sensors it has. Of course, the price you have to pay to be able to acquire it is not low, and that is when the Apple Watch SE was born, which is a spec cropped versionbut that offers in the same way the functions most demanded by users who want to have an Apple watch on their wrists.

With this you can control your heart ratemonitor sleep, count on the fall detection, call, answer calls, send messages, listen to music and control your different sports activities, among other outstanding functions. All this, starting from a considerably lower price than its older brother, which is the Series 8. You can buy the Apple Watch SE from 299 euros.

Control your health with the Apple Watch Series 8

Obviously, all those people who want have all the sensors at the health level, they have to opt for the Apple Watch Series 8, which in this case is the most complete. In addition to monitoring your heart rate, it also has fall detection, oxygen sensorwhich together with its corresponding app, will allow you to know your saturation, in addition to launching the new temperature sensoralthough this is mainly focused on the control of the menstrual cycle, since with it you can offer more and more precise data.

Obviously, it also has the ability to answer and make calls, control certain applications, send and respond to messages and, of course, monitor all the sports activities you want to do thanks to its sensors and the fantastic Training app. Also has fast chargeand the always on screena technology that will allow you to have the information of your sphere always available.

Do you practice extreme sports? The Apple Watch Ultra is made for you

Until this generation, Apple had two models of Apple Watch, the corresponding Series 7, 6.5… and the SE. Well, to break this duality, the Apple Watch Ultra has arrived, a watch that is completely focused on the public that performs extreme sportshence the features and design it presents.

The first thing you have to know is that it is the strongest and most powerful model you can find, since it has a really hard titanium case. With dual-frequency GPS and up to 36 hours of autonomy. It also has a new button that is completely customizable, its screen reaches up to 2000 nits of brightness and it is water resistant up to 100 meters. Have depth gauge and water temperature sensor, to which you have to add the Oceanic+ app, the best for divers. Of course, the price you have to pay for it is 999 euros.