Which is the best option in 2023

Last year’s flagship, compared to this year’s flagship. Apple’s two largest and most powerful phones, the iPhone 14 Pro Max being the benchmark for 2022, and the 15 Pro Max, the one for 2023. Now that the new generation is on the table and doubts whether to go for one or another, in this post we are going to compare its most important aspects, and we will see how a few small changes can make a substantial difference, depending on the use that we are going to give to the device.

This is a difference between one year and the next, but as you will see below, despite the iPhone 15 pro Max. Better the formula with small changes, those same changes later turn out to be differential aspects. But there are also other aspects in which they are much more similar than it seems.

Similarities: iPhone 15 Pro Max VS iPhone 14 Pro Max

In this first section we will make a general comparison of the most important aspects of both phones. And also, let’s see how they are similar to each other.

Both have the largest screen size of 6.7 inches. Its panel is Super Retina XDR and both have a 120Hz refresh rate thanks to the Pro Motion system, and incorporate the same Dynamic Island. Even at peak brightness, they reach the same figures, standing at 2,000 nits maximum peak outdoors.

Both have a very high resolution three-camera system. Wide angle, Ultra wide angle and Telephoto lens, in both cases the main camera being 48 Megapixels. We have Apple ProRAW system, Action Mode, Cinema Mode, Photonic Engine and Deep Fusion as the most prominent software functions.

As for the battery, they have up to 29 hours of autonomy, based on the hours they last playing video. And if we look at the connections section we have the same 5G network system.

What makes them most different

Broadly speaking, they seem to be more or less the same. But the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max have certain more or less subtle aspects, which make them different.

The first of them is the processor revolution. In the case of this year’s model we have the first 3-nanometer architecture chip, which has been named A17 Pro. In the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the processor is the A16, the same one we have in the iPhone 15 of this year.

The physical connector and its possibilities

The physical connector is perhaps the most important section if we look at these two phones. It’s not just the connection, but what we can do with it. While the iPhone 14 Pro Max has Lightning and USB2 speed, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has USB Type C and USB 3 speed.

iPhone 14 Pro Max silver

Therefore, not only is it compatible with all types of devices without the need for an adapter, but the data speed rate is going to be much faster, plus we have the added Display Port capability, which allows you to connect the 15 Pro Max to external monitors and displays, directly with a USB Type C cable.

The results that we are going to have in photos and videos

Regarding the cameras section, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has intelligent HDR for 5 photos, while the Link 14 Pro Max is a smart HDR for 4 photos.

And if we look at the video section, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has video recording in LOG and ACES coding system. And if we look at the ProRes format, the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max has a disadvantage: We need external storage to unlock the maximum resolution.

In this case, the same does not happen with the 15 Pro Max, since its base storage capacity starts at 256GB, leaving only 128GB as an entry option for the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro.