Which one is more worth it?

If we analyze carefully the four iPhone models describedthe first thing we realize is that these are four devices whose price difference is 100 euros approximately. This means that between the latest Apple model and the oldest, there is a difference of 300 euros. 650 euros versus 959 euros.

It is also important to highlight that you can buy all of these devices at the official Apple page in Spain, except the iPhone 12 which has been recently discontinued, but you can find it in third-party stores.

Materials and design

Practically in terms of materials, they have many sections in common. From the iPhone 12 to iPhone 14 are all the same, while the current generation has a back material that combines glass with matte. In that sense, the texture is different and the corners of the new generation are a little more rounded which gives it a different touch and support and much more comfortable.

Another important change has to do with the iPhone 15 Dynamic Island, unlike the rest of the generations that have the notch, although with thirteen and fourteen it was progressively reduced. In this sense, the iPhone 15 is the device that has the most advantages over the competition.

Continuing with the materials and design, we have to highlight the USB-C connection, the only one of them being the iPhone 15. The rest of the units will have the well-known lighting port and its obsolete connection. Here we also find an important difference. Finally, with respect to weight, they are all practically the same, with a weight that is around 170 gramsexcept the iPhone 12 which is the lightest at about 160 grams.

Differences in batteries

He iPhone 12 It weighs less, but it also has less battery capacity, giving about 7 hours of use. In this sense, the iPhone 13 It has a very interesting battery with 8 hours of life and the iPhone 14 and 15 They have a very similar battery with 8 h and 30 minutes and 8 h and 15 minutes. Between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 15, the increase in battery capacity has been a little more than 1,000 mAh, going from 2,815 mAh to 3,877 mAh.

iPhone 14 Pro

This battery life is not what Apple has determined, but rather responds to the different tests that the La Manzana Mordida editorial team has carried out with a normal usethat is, without using it too intensely.


In this sense, all screens have the OLED technology, and Therefore, we are facing a magnificent panel. The difference of panels lies mainly in the brightness, where the iPhone 15 takes a leap above the rest, reaching up to 1,000 nits of brightness and maximum levels of 2,000 nits of brightness.

iPhone 13 mini

On the contrary, the iPhone 12 has 625 nits of brightness and while the 13 and 14 reach 825 nits of brightness. We will notice the real difference outdoors, since, indoors, you have no doubt that these are panels that will offer very good performance. Outdoors, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the 2,000 nits of brightness have incredible performance.

Which one do I recommend?

The device that I least recommend is the iPhone 12 because it starts from the terrible figure of 64 GB of local memory, a ridiculous amount that even an Apple Watch can match. Honestly, from I would recommend iPhone 13 to everyone without a doubtbecause as we have seen throughout this post, the differences between the 13 and the fourteen are minimal, so the price is what would determine the choice of one over the other.

iPhone 12

Actually, generation 15 is for those users who want to have the dynamic island and USB-C connectiontwo very interesting aspects and you will feel that you have a new device in your hand and not the “same design” that has existed since the iPhone 15.