Who said that Apple was expensive?

Last week it took place at the Mobile Word Congress (MWC), one of the most important events for all phone lovers and where the main brands present their new products. One of the brands that has generated the most expectation has been Xiaomi, with the presentation of its new flagships, the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the most interesting high-end phones, but with a high price to what the Chinese brand has accustomed us to.

Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro

new ships badge of the Chinese brand Xiaomi have officially arrived in Spain, being one of the most popular phones ambitious from the Asian manufacturer.

Xiaomi has put all the meat on the grill in this device, with a premium design, saying goodbye to the curved screen and with the aim of offering an incredible camera to its devices. To achieve this, it has provided its Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro with high-quality hardware and MIUI 13 that optimizes all its processes.

Xiaomi has always been a company that is characterized by presenting devices with very good benefits still very tight price, obtaining an enviable value for money by other companies. However, the Xiaomi 13 Pro completely breaks with the essence of the brand, due to the fact that its entry version starts at 999 euros and the Xiaomi 13 Pro for 1,399 euros, more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro. To all this, we have to wait for xiaomi 13 Ultraa device that will exceed the bar of 1500 euros.

Xiaomi looks at the big ones

Xiaomi is a brand associated with mid-range, mid-high, and low-end devices. However, at MWC he has released a device that has a top price to the flagships of Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi’s movement may seem illogical, but if it is analyzed carefully it makes sense, since the high-end is where the greatest added value and economic benefit is obtained and in a period of rising production costs, keeping the price range adjusted can be very dangerous to create and improve your products. The problem is that Xiaomi does not have the prestige that It has no Korean or Californian brand.

To all this we must add one more fact, and the bearing capacity that Apple and Samsung grant to their devices, since the firm headed by Tim Cook offers support for at least five years, How many years is Xiaomi able to support? In the best of cases two, not because they are unable to continue updating their devices, but because of the enormous variety of options available that the brand has and that it launches year after year.

The future, the answer to everything

Many technology analysts have criticized Xiaomi for being a company that has been inspired by Apple in many of its products, expressing their discontent because they believe that Xiaomi has good stock market position and financial muscle to be able to carry out projects and investments that allow them to improve all market segments and compete on a par with Samsung and Apple and it has been in 2023, where Xiaomi has decided to show the general public that it wants to compete with the largest in the industry .

Time will tell if the Xiaomi’s new strategy It allows you to gain market share in the high-end or the opposite effect occurs, forget the mid-range and other brands such as Samsung or Realme, establish themselves in that market.