Who wouldn’t like discounted Beats?

The Beats brand, although it is from Apple, has different characteristics in terms of design and technical capabilities than those that directly have the official Apple seal. However, if we use them with devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac, we will have the same benefits and advantages in terms of interaction in the Apple ecosystem. So, if we pay less for them, that’s what we get!

Beats AirPods style headphones

Comfort, resistance and sound quality are the three most important pillars when it comes to AirPods. The design of having two separate headphones, which are charged in a case, is very useful for us on a daily basis, whether we are walking down the street, traveling on the subway, or doing sports.

The first model that we bring you is the Beats Fit Pro. If you are looking for headphones that are resistant to humidity and sweat, with sound quality and an attractive and portable design, now the black and red model is for less money. Of the 249 euros that usually cost, Now we have them for €212.49.

And what do they bring with them? We will have spatial audio with dynamic tracking, the Apple H1 processor for faster connectivity, up to 6 hours of autonomy on a single charge and IPX4 water resistance.

If you want to go for a more compact and futuristic design, the Beats Studio Buds + are also on sale on Amazon. In the new transparent finish, we are going to have a very attractive design. Up to 36 hours of autonomy is what they promise. They also have resistance to sweat and water thanks to the IPX43 certification, and the active noise cancellation is improved, which isolates up to 1.6x more times, and the ambient sound mode filters everything that happens in our room up to two times better. around.

Its usual price is 199.99 euros, but thanks to the 15% discount they currently have on Amazon, They remain at only 169.99 euros.

The new Beats Studio Pro also cost much less

If what you are looking for are over-ear studio headphones with the best Beats features, and you don’t want to go for the AirPods Max, in addition to paying much less for them, the Beats Studio Pro are the best option you can go for. bet right now.

To begin with, they are compatible with High Resolution Lossless audio quality, thanks to the USB type C connector. The active noise cancellation system will give us much greater depth and tonalities, while we will be able to enjoy the sound for a long time. longer, thanks to the 40 hours of autonomy that it is capable of achieving.

Their usual price is 399.95 euros. But now thanks to the 15% discount they have on Amazon, They remain at only 339 euros. You can get them for 60 euros less directly!