WHOOP Launches New Apple Health Integrated Version

In their most recent version, WHOOP, the smart wearable, added new Apple Health integration.

Apple Health allows iOS WHOOP users to sync their Recovery, Strain, and Sleep data across platforms. It can automatically sync recovery measures to Apple Health, such as relaxing heart rate (RHR), blood oxygen (SpO2), and respiratory rate (RR).

WHOOP Has Several Trackers

Strain: WHOOP can sync activities with the health app automatically. Members who use Peloton, Strava, Headspace, Nike Run Club, and FitBod to track workouts, train with a Garmin bike computer, or use other connected fitness/wellness apps like Peloton, Headspace, Strava, FitBod, and Nike Run Club can have their workouts and stats automatically imported to WHOOP from Apple Health.

The start/end time and categorization of the imported activity, as well as the tracked heart rate, are used by the app to automatically register activities in the app.

Sleep: It can sync sleep data to Apple Health automatically.

Body measurements: To increase calorie calculation accuracy, WHOOP may automatically sync weight and height with Apple Health.

You can always manage the information you share with the app using the Apple Health app on your iPhone.

The Apple Health interface allows data to move back and forth between Apple Health and WHOOP. The app will import activity data from another app or product that has synchronized its data to Apple Health. Most of the time, this happens immediately after the activity is recorded, but in certain situations, data may not be imported until you open the app.

We import activities from the previous 30 days and create activities for the current day after allowing the integration. Following that, users import and generate activities for the last 30 days. WHOOP will import your weight and update your profile if you have applications or smart scales that share your weight with Apple Health. Weight changes are likely to alter how many calories you burn because weight is an input to your overall calorie burn.