Why AirPods Flash Orange and How to Fix It

The AirPods They have become one of Apple's most identifying products, in each and every one of their versions. For his quality, its simplicity and elegance, have conquered a good part of the firm's users. But that does not mean that, sometimes, they can also give mistakes. One of the most common is when the LED light they come with starts to glow. flash orange.

There are no headphones more iconic than Apple's AirPods. These are available in a large quantity of Models different right now, from the Pro to the basic. Furthermore, the latter have different generations on the market, with designs suitable for everyone. What characterizes absolutely all of these headphones is their simplicity. The brand always bets on that premium elegance as a symbol of identity, and as a sign of status.

But, within that apparent simplicity, the AirPods hide a secret that can tell you a lot about how they work: their led light, both that of the charging case and that of the headphones themselves. Not only does it light up in different colors, but each one of them means something. And there is even one that tells us that there is a mistake: the orange flashing of the LED on the case.

How to fix orange flickering

Has your AirPods case started flashing orange, and this has never happened to you before? It is normal, since it is rare to happen, since it is telling us about an error. This failure can be due to different reasons:

  • The update of firmware It has not worked well, and it is failing.
  • When you put the headphones away, you have mixed the left one with the right one, and that means they can't charge properly.

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It can be fixed? Fortunately, Yeah, and also in a quick and simple way. You will only have to restart the headphones. For that, you will have to look for the button that the case has on the back and keep it pressed. You must do this step with the headphones inside for it to work well.

If everything went correctly, you will see that the light goes from flashing orange to flashing white. That means They are ready to pair again with your iPhone.

What the AirPods LED colors mean

As we have pointed out before, this is not the only light that you will see on your AirPods, although it is the only one that is telling us about an error. So that you understand your headphones better, we are going to tell you What do they mean the rest of the colors of these LED lights:

  • When the light flashes on green, it depends on whether the headphones are outside or inside the case. In case they are inside, indicates that their battery exceeds 90% charge; if they are out, is telling us that the case's battery exceeds that 90%. To know the specific percentage, you will have to check it on your iPhone.
  • Sometimes this light is orange. It is telling us that the battery is less than 90%, and will refer to either the headphones or the case depending on whether they are inside or outside. As in the previous case!
  • What about if He LED this off? In that case, the case it doesn't have any charge. There may be something wrong with the headphones, although we recommend that you hurry up and charge them.

Lastly, there is a flicker more that we have already mentioned, and that you will rarely see: the white flashing. This signals that the headphones are ready to pair with other devices, and will only appear if you restart them or are using them for the first time. Knowing all this, you will now understand your AirPods better!