Why buying a refurbished iPhone is a good idea

Buying an iPhone usually implies two things: thinking carefully about which model we are going to choose, and a considerable investment of money. That’s why there’s an alternative to buying a new or second-hand iPhone: refurbished devices, which are sold by both Apple and third parties. So in this post we tell you why they are a good idea.

With a refurbished iPhone you save a lot of money

Four different iPhone models are introduced each year. And each improves on the features of previous models. However, the prices are high and we are not always willing to pay that much to enjoy the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, with a reconditioned one we will save a lot of money if we do not intend to go for the most recent model either.

In fact, they are ideal if we do not want to “go to the last”. Even though the newer models have the latest features, we are not always going to use them. And here is the key: pay a price according to the characteristics and functions that you are really going to take advantage of. Because, let’s get one thing clear: an iPhone is a very good device. And for the vast majority, an iPhone that is 2, 3 or even 4 years old is still a very valid and functional tool.

A refurbished iPhone can be your best “first iPhone”

Another reason why a reconditioning is a good idea is the introduction to the Apple ecosystem. If you’re a person who has never been inside the Apple ecosystem, starting with a refurbished iPhone is a positive experience in two ways: an excellent device to learn iOS and a reasonable price, without having to be forced to shell out the more than thousand euros that come to cost the latest iPhone.

iPhone X

In addition, to learn the iOS functions, you will not have a problem regarding the operating system. The iPhone is one of the phones on the market that has been updated for the most years. And that, therefore, have a longer life cycle. An iPhone from 3 years ago, as of 2022, is still being updated to iOS 16. Even the 2017 iPhone X supports iOS 16 and it’s still an excellent device. Of course, for a third (practically) of what it originally cost.

If you’re worried about buying a second-hand iPhone, refurbished isn’t the same

The reconditioning differs from the second hand because devices are verified. The operating status is checked, non-functioning parts are repaired, and all personal data is deleted. Therefore, you can rest assured that the iPhone you are going to buy will be perfectly functional and you will not have to worry about buying a mobile phone blocked by iCloud. Something that, sadly, can happen if you buy a second-hand iPhone.

In addition, the refurbished They have the guarantee of the stores that sell them. Therefore, in the event of carrying out a repair due to a malfunction (not due to breakages caused by the user), you will not have to pay for it. With which it also provides extra peace of mind, in case the iPhone should fail spontaneously.