Why do I have automatic updates turned on and my iPhone doesn't do them?

This is a question that many users ask who, seeing how their friends already have certain functions, they are still on previous versions of iOS, and yet they have the functions activated. Automatic Updates.

Well, this is not an error, but it happens because of something very simple, and once explained, it has its logic, so today we are going to see the reason, and not only because of experiences, but because Craig Federighi himself did it. has explained.

Is your iPhone not updating?

Well, no, it is not a problem with your iPhone, nor that you have not left it charging at night, nor that it has to be connected to WiFi, or anything like that, those are separate cases.

The reason why iOS 17.3 has already been released and your iPhone does not install it despite having automatic updates activated is simply because Apple wants it that way.

We only have to go to the words of Craig Federighi (Senior Vice President Software Engineering), one of the people most responsible for iOS updates, who tells us the following:

What we do is an incremental rollout of iOS updates, making them available first to those who explicitly check for them in Settings, and then, 1 to 4 weeks later, to everyone who has automatic updating turned on.

These weeks of margin that it takes to install the version for users with automatic updates activated are because we first want to receive feedback from those who are impatient before starting that deployment. This way, if there is a serious error that requires correction, those users do not suffer.

That is, it is not that your iPhone does not want to install it, it is that Apple believes that if you do not do it manually, it is because you are not a user who gives much importance to new features, and, therefore, they will try to reward quality and fluidity of the system, so they are not going to make you try something that may have a bug.

iphone security updates

So, if you want your phone to always work stably, without battery drains or illogical errors, simply activate these updates and don't worry. You should never have problems. Of course, you won't be one of the first to try new features either.

A couple of days ago the first beta of iOS 17.4 was released, with which you can download applications from stores outside the App Store for the first time in the company's history, however, it may have many bugs and errors , and that is why you will not have it available until maybe 2 months, between when the official version comes out (in 1 month), and later when they will make you wait (another 1-4 weeks).

And you, are you one of those who wants to have things sooner, or do you not mind waiting up to 8 weeks to try something that others are already using today? The truth is that I always think about waiting, but temptation gets the better of me.