Why does my iPhone restart by itself?

It's normal to worry if your iPhone restarts by itself for no apparent reason, as it may seem like a serious failure. This problem can arise in various circumstances and for different reasons, such as after updating to the latest version of iOS, when charging the device, when connecting headphones, or when pairing the iPhone with another device.

The most common causes of this behavior include faulty updates, malware attacks, and hardware failures. However, don't worry, it is also possible to find a solution to this problem. Below we are going to show you different options that you can try so that your iPhone works normally again.

How to prevent the iPhone from restarting automatically

The automatic restart problem on the iPhone can occur in two different ways: sporadic restarts or a continuous restart loop that makes the device unusable. Depending on the situation, solutions vary. Below we will explore all the possible solutions.

iPhone restarts intermittently

If your iPhone restarts intermittently but still works, here are some options to consider to fix the problem:

  • Application update. Outdated versions of apps may be behind this auto restart issue on iPhone. Go to the App Store, tap on your profile and check for pending updates, make sure you have all your apps up to date.

  • Identify and remove problematic applications. If the reboots started after installing a new app, this could be causing the problem. Try updating it or, if that doesn't work, uninstall it to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Keep your iPhone up to date. New versions of iOS usually include fixes for problems of all kinds. Check if updates are available in Settings – General – Software Update.

update ios iphone

  • Reset iPhone settings. If the above solutions don't work, there may be a problem with your iPhone settings. Resetting all device settings may be a solution. Go to Settings – General – Transfer or reset iPhone – Reset and select Reset all settings.

reset iphone network settings

Reboot iPhone in loop

However, if your device is in a constant reboot loop, it may require more technical intervention, such as a system restore or consulting a professional.

Before asking for help from technical support, you can also try these tips:

  • Perform a forced restart. A force restart can be a good solution for many iPhone boot problems. To fix iPhone reboot loop, you can try force restarting your iPhone.
  • Remove the SIM card. On some occasions, problems with the iPhone's connection to the mobile network can cause the device to enter a loop of automatic reboots. The SIM card is the bridge between your iPhone and your mobile carrier, so removing the SIM card can be another way to stop your iPhone from automatically restarting.
  • Clean the iPhone charging port. Your iPhone can restart automatically when you charge it or plug in headphones. In these cases, cleaning the lightning port of your iPhone can be a solution, since lint, dirt or dust accumulated in the port can cause connection problems.

We hope these tips help you solve your iPhone restart problems.