Why does my iPhone's battery drain quickly and how to avoid it

Having the iPhone just charged and noticing that the battery drains quickly is the ordeal of many Apple users. Despite having all the settings in energy saving mode, there are some problems that may be affecting the battery. We tell you what they are and how to prevent your mobile from downloading quickly.

If your cell phone battery discharges faster than it should, it is important to check why it happens. In case you are not an intense user or spend hours looking at social networks, an iPhone can hold up perfectly almost a day and a half. If you notice that your battery lasts much less and you don't understand why, take note of the possible causes.

Most common causes

The fact that the battery runs out very quickly is a sign that something is wrong with your phone. As soon as you detect something strange, you should start looking for a solution so that the problem does not get bigger. Some of the reasons may be:

  • Poor battery health. Whether your cell phone is old or you bought it second-hand, the health of the battery may be damaged. To find out what percentage you have, you can go to Settings > Battery > Battery status. The ideal is to have 100%, but over time its level will be much lower.
  • Universal charger or in poor condition. The battery may be damaged when we do not use the original cable to charge it. It can also be damaged if it is broken or does not fully connect to the mobile. If the port is dusty, it is best to use special tools to clean it. And if we want to use a universal charger, we will have to check the voltage it allows.
  • iOS updates. All new enhancement packages may negatively impact speed, battery life, and performance. If you have recently installed a new one and notice that it downloads quickly, it is possible that your mobile needs to adapt and identify new usage patterns.
  • Settings and configurations. If your iPhone plummets with battery percentage, it's likely due to screen brightness, Bluetooth, or GPS. Even having Wi-Fi or AirDrop on can drain the battery faster.

Tricks to save battery

Before you give up and call support, we recommend trying some quick fixes to check if your iPhone stops draining its battery so quickly:

  • Activate low power mode. You can do this even if you have just loaded it. Normally you will notice the warning when it reaches 20% or less, but you can activate it whenever it suits you. In this mode, some functions of the phone are reduced so that it can last as long as possible. To do this you will have to go to Settings > Battery and activate Low Power Mode.
  • Turn off notifications. Having notifications from all the applications on your mobile can consume a lot of energy. The ideal is to keep those that are strictly necessary and avoid all those that are a problem. To do this: Go to Settings > Notifications and then choose an app from the list to modify the notification.
  • Kill background apps. Although there is a rumor that removing applications that are in the background causes more battery consumption when restarting, the truth is that having free RAM can reduce energy consumption.

If none of this helps your cell phone last with enough battery all day, go to Apple technical service to get a solution. Also stay tuned for updates to find out if it is a widespread bug.