Why don't MacBooks no longer have an illuminated back apple?

However, since 2015 it has been withdrawnto what we know today, a computer with the same logo as in its beginnings, but that no longer appears, it is simply a shaped piece of aluminum, but why did they remove it?

Why doesn't the apple light up?

There are several reasons for this, although none of these have been confirmed by Apple, and they simply removed it from their equipment without saying anything, in a staggered manner between its different versions (Air and Pro), to reach what we know today in day.

The first of them was because it was no longer necessaryeveryone knew the brand and standing out in the way they did was no longer necessary, so they could make a flatter design, without the need for that other layer or thicker screen, and also draw the apple of a more elegant and discreet way.

The second was precisely that, the screen, the type of panel which allowed us to use, without spending more battery, its own lighting to reflect the apple was becoming obsolete, and that type of LCD was no longer going to be used in the new retina ones, so continuing to offer this was much more complicated than up to that point, so they decided that they were not going to come up with a new plan to keep it, and they simply removed it.

Finally, although it was not the main reason, many people said that, exposed to the sun for a long time, that logo on the back was reflected on the main screen, thus causing damage to it and being, the truth is, quite annoying. It is something that, at least for my part, I never saw, but that many reported, and we imagine that for Apple the easiest way to avoid it was for it not to exist, directly.

apple logo screen

These may not be the only reasons, and that Apple has a hidden reason that we do not know, however, there are several that we can intuit, and that make clear the reason why the brand did not continue using them in its computers, although The truth is that many of us liked it a lot.

For your part, did you have any of these MacBooks with the illuminated apple? Would you like it to appear unexpectedly again in another of its releases? Or, on the contrary, is its aesthetics much better this way and would it be a step back that it is no longer necessary to give? Leave us a comment with your opinion. The truth is that it was one of the first reasons I had to get a Mac, I loved seeing everyone with that apple shining, although today I am also very impressed by its more elegant and minimalist design, I wouldn't know what to say.