Why don’t people want small iPhones?

The iPhone is not just a mobile

Apple devices and the entire current technology industry have long since they fulfill many more functions than they did 15 years ago, because they can practically do everything, from working with it to consuming your favorite series and even communicating with your relatives via video call.

In this sense, the big screens facilitate browsing the Internet, reading texts and task completion that require detailed visualization. All of these options are much more complicated to execute with a small device, a small screen device, and therefore people do not consider it an attractive product, because it does not answer their current needs.

battery and hardware

the battery is another key factor when opting for large phones, because small phones have less autonomy and as a result, if you are a user who has a intense use with it, It is possible that do not have autonomy to spend all day.

Obviously, his small chassis, means less battery, but also means more limitations. For example, the iPhone 12 mini could not carry three cameras for reasons of space, so there is a market segment that is completely outside of it. Also, screens, if they are small, are less accurate and more difficult to use, so users prefer larger phones, even if they sacrifice portability a bit.

iphone 13mini

Finally, applications also increasingly require a larger screen, due to the fact that many people now use their mobile phones as multi-use devices, replacing other electronic devices such as digital cameras, music players and GPS navigation systems. . Larger, more powerful phones can better meet these needs by offering a variety of features and capabilities that smaller, more compact phones cannot provide.

Multitasking and productivity

Society is increasingly productive and, therefore, any moment is a useful one to answer emails or edit a photograph in a professional way. In this sense, larger and more powerful phones allow users to perform more tasks at the same time and more effectively. Another compelling reason is that larger and more powerful devices offer a increased storage and memory capacity, allowing users to save and access a greater amount of information.

comfort iphone 13 mini

In conclusion, as technology advances, so do users, and even the same people who bought a small phone 10 years ago now don’t want these types of devices. Large phones are not a fashion, but rather respond to the needs of users and the different consumption habits that users have on a day-to-day basis. The small phone is dead, long live the big phone.

Let us know in the comments if you think it will come back to the fashion of small phones.