Why is a Mac Mini a better option than an iMac?

There are many possibilities, but for me there is a clear winner, in all aspects, and it is the Mac Mini, and today I am going to give you the opinion and reasons for you to choose this one over any other, within the Apple ecosystem.

Why choose a Mac Mini?

First of all, and before continuing, there is a reason to choose an iMac first, and that is work, whether you are a graphic designer, producer, or any other type of job, where image and screen quality is very important for you. you, since we all know this brand for being the best in that aspect.

Now, if you are just another user, like me, a Mac Mini is the best you can buy. Among its advantages we find several. The first is clearly the price, which will be half that of an iMac. Of course, it will come without a screen, although this, apart from being a disadvantage, can also be an advantage, since the equipment only weighs 1 kg, and we can take it wherever we want.

That is, if we are going to use it as a desktop, purchasing a large screen, in 4K, curved, or whatever we want is a great option that we will not be able to do with an iMac, since its dimensions are what they are. Besides, If we go on a trip we can take iteven connect it to a hotel TV and enjoy it as if it were a laptop.

Regarding the rest of the characteristics, we can choose the power and price we want, but as we said, except for a very special type of work or requirement, Macs, in all their versions, are very fluid computers and we will not notice low performance in none of them, but quite the opposite.

Right now a Mac Mini can be purchased for a “ridiculous” price If we already have a screen or monitor where we can plug it in. We will have a very useful, fluid, light and efficient computer for the same cost as a mid-range or low-range laptop.

In short, except for very special occasions, acquire a Mac Mini is all most people need. You can adapt it to the monitor you want and take it anywhere with you. An iMac is great, and has an impressive retina display, but you will be paying double or triple to have basically the same thing, since the performance of both, except in specific situations, will be the same, and you will not notice it.

Keep in mind that this is a personal opinion based on the experience of use on both devices, but each one can have its pros and cons to choose the one you like the most, so leave us a comment with your opinion and the reason for Choosing one or the other will surely help a lot to someone who is hesitating which one to buy.