Why Safari is a better browser than Google

Safari is the best browser that you can use today for your Apple devices and, despite the fact that Google is behind it, Safari has some advantages that make it the best option that you can use. In this post, We are going to see some advantages about its advantages, compared to Google Chrome.

Advantages Made in California

Safari includes some advanced options that Chrome does not include. For example, we cannot forget the reading mode,that simplifies the design of a website and removes unnecessary elements, such as ads and menus, to offer a cleaner and more pleasant reading experience. It is true that Chrome offers this solution, but it doesn’t come natively.

Another feature that provides great added value is the split viewwhere on devices like the iPad, Safari supports a split view feature that allows users to browse through two websites simultaneously on the same screen. This feature is ideal for doing research, comparing products, or reading the news while doing other tasks. In short, be more productive.

Continuing with the thread in question, Safari allows you to run the option to Picture-in-Picture, Safari is supported on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS with this feature and allows users to watch videos in a floating window while performing other tasks on their devices. Chrome includes it, but in a much more complex way to use. Finally, with Safari you can create a custom startup settings, Due to the fact that it allows you to choose which page or set of pages will open automatically when you start the browser. This can be useful for those who want to quickly access their favorite websites or have a specific home page.


Other points to highlight

Safari also offers a number of other benefits that make it a great option over Chrome. Unlike the previous section, these functions are specific to the browser and are not an effect of the Apple ecosystem.

  • Energy efficiency and performance: Safari, unlike Chrome, requires much less resources to work perfectly. This is due to the optimization generated by Apple devices. Therefore, its lower consumption means that I need less system resources, as well as protecting the battery life on MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Additionally, Safari uses the WebKit rendering engine, which is known for its excellent performance on mobile and desktop devices. Although Chrome is also based on WebKit, but its Blink rendering engine is not that efficient in terms of resource consumption.


  • Privacy: The more we have access to the internet, the concern for our security and privacy has been growing. In this regard, Safari has demonstrated a strong commitment to the privacy of its users, introducing multiple features that protect personal information and limit online tracking. Additionally, Safari includes Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), which prevents advertisers and websites from tracking your browsing habits through cookies and other methods. Safari also offers a “private browsing” feature, which prevents your browsing and search history from being stored on your device.
  • Stability: Safari’s stability is one of the main advantages of its entire browser. This is because its Webkit engine makes Safari less prone to performance issues than Google Chrome, especially on older or lower-spec devices.