Why should you buy an Apple TV in 2023?

What does Apple have that makes it a great purchase for 2023?

Apple TV is a product that is highly in demand by consumers and offers different tools and features that have made it little by little gain more importance among users, especially those users who consume Apple services, such as Apple TV+. . Therefore, in this article, we are going to analyze the following question: What does Apple have that makes it a great purchase for 2023?

The first thing we are going to see about Apple TV is its quality, and I say its quality in three senses: hardware, software and playback. In terms of hardware, it is a very powerful device and not any other brand that offers another product of this level, which allows us to obtain exquisite high image quality when we are going to consume content. Secondly, we have a high quality software and it has been improving little by little, acquiring new functionalities such as the possibility of having X or Lightroom on the Apple TV. The fluidity of tvOS is beyond any doubt, where it is very difficult to find small errors or an application to get stuck, an aspect that can occur on Smart TVs when they have been in your home for several years.

We also have to highlight the reproduction quality. We can criticize many things about this small product, but the Apple TV is the main accessory for consuming content with great audio and video quality, regardless of whether it is streaming or live content. Finally, an aspect that draws my attention a lot Apple TV is its designminimalist, simple, simple and that fits anywhere.

tvOS 17 takes Apple TV to another dimension

tvOS 17 is an operating system that has done very well for Apple TVs. Specifically, now we can make a call Face Timewhere the TV is our camera and if we can see the people we are on calls.

apple tv remote

It also includes home automation functions, where we can see our security cameras, as well as having the content you are watching in reduced size while you are browsing the tvOS interface.

Siri Remote

Siri Remote we could say that it is one of the great advantages and attractions of Apple TV. It is true that it does not reach the level of the computer that we have in our minimalist black box, but it works relatively well. In addition, the battery lasts a long time, which means that we only have to charge it once or twice a year, approximately.


It is a command that performs very well in the most of the actions that we are going to carry out And even in certain circumstances, we can ask Siri to play the series or the movie at a specific time because we have gotten lost or gotten lost.