Will Apple launch a touchscreen MacBook in 2025?

Steve Jobs, at that time, did not think it was a good idea, since, according to him, the ergonomics to use it were not adequate, and it was absurd for a laptop to have it, betting at that time on making iPads much more comfortable and easier to use with this type of screen.

Will we see a touch Mac again?

However, it seems that Apple has been thinking about it for some time, and among its plans would be a Mac by 2025 with this type of screen. We don't know how they will do it, a 360-degree laptop even comes to mind, being able to turn it into a tablet, and achieving that ergonomics that Steve Jobs criticized, since he literally said, “your arm wants to drop.”

And he is right, it is a bit absurd to use a vertical computer with touch, although on certain occasions it is useful, however, the company has something in mind, so that there are rumors about one like this.

And although the computer that we will see now did not go on sale as such, there are many prototypes around the world, so watching this video may surprise you, but it is not a modification or anything like that, it is an official product. .

It is true that the precision, speed and type of computer was not the same in 1999 as the one we can have now, so we do not know what Steve Jobs would think at this time about the launch of a touch MacBook. What is clear is that the company is indeed considering it, and it could become a reality more than 25 years later.

And as I said, being a personal opinion, if it comes to light, I don't think it will be an improved version of the Mac, but rather, it would be distinguished from the current ones, releasing the Air and Pro as usual, and adding a new version of this, since including touch in all their ranges would only raise their prices, and the majority of users who have a MacBook do not want it to be touch, at least not paying more.

For my taste it would be a device that I would not buy, having already a Mac and an iPad it seems like a product that unites both, but I only see it as feasible if you want to save some money by purchasing them together, and this product being something 360º as I said, otherwise , I think it would be a failure, and that the simple act of touching a Mac screen is curious in the first days, but useless in the end.

And you only have to look at the computers with Windows that already come with it, where, except for the models that I mention, and that can be converted into tablets, the rest barely have a reputation, and if they do, it is not precisely because they are tactile, so they are not I know what Apple will surprise us with.

What do you think? Will we really see this model? Do you think it could succeed, or do you really think it won't succeed?