Will music from Apple Music appear in Apple Music Classical?

Apple Music Classical is now available. And if we are already regular users of Apple Music and have a very large library, you may be interested to know if the music we already have will be seen in Apple Music Classical. In the end, even though they are two separate apps, they are bundled under the same service umbrella. So in this post we will explain the details.

Apple Music Classical Library

Apple decided to release Apple Music Classical as a standalone app, so that it could update the interface to the genre. Since it is a streaming music service whose content is classical music, we are not supposed to find anything that we already have in our Apple Music library. Or maybe yes? And it is that in Apple Music we also have some classical music (but categorized in another way, and at a much more superficial level than in Classical). We are not going to find reggaeton, or rock, or dance in the new service. But if we have added, at some point or another, pieces of classical music, or rather, that the Apple Music app considers them to be classical musicthis will happen to us:

If we open the Apple Music Classical application and go to Library > Albums, Some songs and albums that we already had in the Apple Music library may appear. Of course, that they appear here, does not mean that they have been deleted from our Apple Music library. They will simply be on both sites at the same time, but they will be categorized differently.

album apple music classical

When we view an album within the Apple Music Classical application, it appears to us with a quite different aspect than what we are already used to in Apple Music. We do not have a numbered order of songs. These are ordered by composers, by periods / phases of publication, and if the album includes songs that have been part of soundtracks, this division will also be established. A somewhat curious system, which is supposed to be optimized and refined over time. At least, as far as the order of criteria is concerned.

In addition, a section that does stand out is the In this album tab, located at the bottom. Here we will be able to see the composers and instrumentalists who have been present in the recording of the album that we have saved in Apple Music Classical. Neither of these two display systems are present in Apple Music. In fact, there things change quite a lot. As you can see, in the “standard” Apple Music app we have numbered songs, more artist content (because here they are called artists, not composers) and more albums where the album artist appears.

album apple music

For an Apple Music song to appear in Apple Music Classical, we don’t have to do anything. No songs or albums to import. Simply, those songs that are considered classical music (or more classical in style, perhaps?) They will appear on Apple Music Classical automatically. And remember that Apple Music Classical is included in the Apple Music subscription we already paid for, so we won’t have to pay more to use it.