Will we see an iPad mini with an OLED screen? And many more things!

The iPad mini is one of Apple’s most unusual iPads, thanks to its small size of only 8.3 inches. Although it is a model that is not usually renewed as constantly as its older brothers, it has experienced a good change in its sixth generation. Now we have the new design with thin bezels, USB Type C connector and compatibility with the second generation Apple Pencil. However, there is a change that is about to occur, facing the next generation. We tell you!

The iPad screen is something that has evolved a lot in recent years. And after learning about the first iPad Pro with an OLED screen, this system would be about to reach the seventh generation of the iPad mini. When? As will be?

After the iPad Pro, it will be the turn of the iPad mini

As explained by the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors, “2024 will be the beginning of the transition to OLED in the iPad line.” But it will not be in that year that we see an iPad mini with an OLED screen, but they explain that “the transition, potentially, in the two mid-range models of tablets leaves in 2026″.

“Apple apparently hasn’t started bringing more technologically advanced displays to its mid-range tablets, and may plan to review how the market will respond to the first iPad Pro model with an OLED display, which is expected that comes out next year, before focusing on the new iPad mini and iPad Air panels,” they explain.

The iPad Pro with OLED screen that are launched in the first batch would have Samsung and LG as the main manufacturers and distributors. Although, these would not be the only ones. “It is said that Apple is currently looking at more suppliers for its iPad OLED screens,” they comment from MacRumors.

And how could all this be known? Thanks to a report from the technology research firm Omdia, in which they also comment on the new features that the first iPad with an OLED screen to be launched on the market could have.

What will the iPad Pro with OLED screen bring?

2024 will be the year in which, most likely, we will end up seeing the first iPad with an OLED technology screen. And in this same report they also talk about all the changes that this new shipment would bring with it.

There is talk of “fundamental changes”, which include the OLED screen itself, an Apple M3 processor and compatibility with a Magic Keyboard completely redesigned for this device.

But there is a model that may disappear

In addition to everything new that would be coming, with the iPad Pro, the iPad Air and the iPad mini with OLED screen, MacRumors also announced that there would be a device from the iPad family that would perhaps be erased from the map, to the detriment of our sizes.

iPad Air 5 vs iPad 9

“Following the launch of the 11th generation iPad, Apple could gradually migrate from 10.2 inches to 10.9 inches, suggesting that the 9th generation iPad would be discontinued.” This iPad model was launched in 2021 and retains the old design lines, the Lightning connector, and compatibility with the first-generation Pencil.