Windows 11 Will Now Have Apple TV And Other Music Apps

In the fall of 2022, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing that Apple’s official applications would (finally) be arriving in the Windows 11 environment. The integration of iCloud Photos with OneDrive was the subject of the initial announcement. The second part of the announcement, however, indicated that there will also be official applications for Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices.

If you live in the United States, today is the day since all three applications are now accessible for download. The applications, which I readily loaded on my copy of Windows 11 Release Preview, are independent of those releases, despite the announcement appearing to be connected to the new Windows 11 Developer Insider Preview.

Windows 11 Has New Apps

According to developer Dennis H. on Twitter, the applications may have been created with the help of.NET 6 and appear to have been created using the Windows App SDK, which may be thought of as the UWP’s replacement. As a consequence, users who are accustomed to current Windows programs from the Microsoft Store will find that these apps appear as if they belong with Windows 11, featuring some acrylic effects, typical Windows menus, and a layout that is quite recognizable. Speaking of iTunes, if you have that antiquated software installed, you will be urged to uninstall it in favor of these better applications, which is a wise move on Apple’s part.

For instance, after launching Apple Songs, I was able to stream music from my collection after completing the usual “authorize this machine” requirement, which is now considerably simpler thanks to the app’s more user-friendly interface.

As you would think and anticipate, Apple TV also has amazing visuals and supports 4K UHD HDR content. The mini-Windows player allows you to run a tiny floating version that runs on top of any programs, which is ideal for multitasking or, more likely, performing poorly at work. Full-screen, windowed mode and other playback options are also supported.