Windows users have no excuses to use iCloud after this incredible update

The next big step by the brand to continue expanding its ecosystem is the iCloud update for Windows. An update that brings great improvements, as we will see below, and that leaves Windows users with no excuses to start using iCloud today.

The transformation of iCloud for Windows

Apple has redesigned iCloud for Windows this application to offer a more intuitive and accessible experience for PC users. The goal is to simplify the way users access and manage their synchronized contentfrom photos to documents and different types of files, ensuring that integration is now more seamless between Apple devices and Windows PCs.

Among these improvements, Apple has enhanced the sync with Microsoft Photos, which promises a more streamlined and less problematic experience for users who store many images. Security has also received significant improvements with the addition of support for iCloud Keychain for Windows, a way to reinforce Apple's commitment to protecting the identity and data of its users.

Download iCloud for Windows.

Apple Music and Apple TV

In a significant step toward discontinuing iTunes, Apple has promoted Apple Music and Apple TV out of their preview status on Windows, marking the transition toward native apps for each service. This strategy allows users to enjoy a better experience.

For those with Windows 10 or newer versions, Apple has introduced three new apps that it suggests using as a replacement for iTunes for Windows. These three applications are the following:

  • Apple Music: Allows access to Apple's popular music streaming service and your personal library, as well as managing music on Apple devices. Includes Airplay compatibility.
  • AppleTV: allows access to the Apple TV+ service and also to your personal library of watched and favorite shows and series. The app supports 4K quality streaming, subscription services, and also the MLS season pass.
  • Apple devices: This app is designed for iPhone users to manage their devices, backup, data syncing, and installing iOS updates.

icloud windows application

Despite the restructuring, iTunes still retains a role in the Windows ecosystem, albeit in a reduced capacity. For audiobooks and podcasts, Windows users should continue using the iTunes app for Windows. This app should also be used in case any of the new apps are not compatible with your PC.

Therefore, we could say that the transformation of iTunes and the renewal of iCloud for Windows are samples of a broader Apple strategy, which seeks to adapt to current consumer demands and market trends, where users prefer platforms exclusives that offer optimized experiences for each type of content: Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Podcast…

For Windows users, there are no more excuses for not being able to start using iCloud without problems. user-centric.