With these accessories, your MacBook keyboard will last longer

If you have a MacBook, either Pro or Air, prior to 2019, you will know that the keyboard is one of the elements that has caused the most controversy due to the butterfly system. And even though Apple has gone back to the scissor mechanism, taking care of the keyboard is something essential to guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment. So, in this post, we are going to bring you a series of accessories that will help protect your keyboard.

Prevention and cleaning is the key

Cleaning is one of the most important points when it comes to protecting the keyboard of our MacBook. Especially if we have the butterfly keyboard system. This type of keyboard was characterized by having a much smaller key travel than that of current scissor systems. That made, on the one hand, the pulsation felt different. But for protection purposes, it was much easier for a speck of dust to get inside the mechanism, thus causing the keys to stop working properly.

That is why, whether you have a MacBook with a butterfly keyboard, or a MacBook with a scissor keyboard system, it is very important to clean the keys regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating. But in the same way that it is important to clean, it is to do it with products that are not abrasive and that do not damage the physical structure, both the keyboard and the body of the computer itself. So here are the first two recommendations to properly clean the MacBook keyboard.

The first one is the compressed air bottle. This accessory is ideal for, from time to time, being able to remove the most difficult dirt that may have been embedded between the keys. As well as remove traces of dirt that may have stuck. It is important that, when we apply compressed air to the keyboard, we do not do it too directly or too strongly, since we could end up damaging some of the keys. Performing short and soft presses between the free space of the keys, and above them, ensures that we remove dirt without damaging the keyboard.

In the line of cleaning, compressed air is important, but it is not everything either. Having a product with which to rub the keys and finish removing the most superficial dust, so that the computer keyboard looks refreshed again is also a way to protect it. But in the same way, a product that is not abrasive is necessary. For this reason, our recommendation is the spray liquid WHOOSH! That It’s the one they use in Apple stores. It is not abrasive and to properly clean the keys, it is enough that we slightly moisten a soft cloth (like the one that comes in the kit) and apply it on top of the keyboard. Once rubbed, we dry the keyboard using a different cloth.

macbook keyboard protective covers

Here is a bonus track. Did you know that there are covers to cover the MacBook keyboard? These are made of a soft material and allow you to write normally. In addition to letting light through from the backlit keys, Creates a protective barrier of dust and other elements, so that they do not come into direct contact with the keyboard. Although there are not covers for all MacBook models, here are some recommendations.