With these tricks, your iPhone will last longer than your Volkswagen TDI

Before delving fully into this post, it is important to highlight that these tricks are not miraculous. If your iPhone has a storage problem, its components are worn out by the passage of time or it has a damaged component, it is possible that the performance will be affected. affected.

Tricks to optimize performance

This series of tricks is designed for those users who have iOS 17, but there are some features that can be applied to the iPhone All readers will be able to use these features.


For several generations all devices They start from 128 GB of local memory. Now, although we think that we have ample storage, this is not really the case at all, but rather the opposite. Therefore, it is essential delete apps you don’t use and delete data from some applications that can take up a lot of space, such as Safari, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Background applications and RAM

Side of the iPhone 15 pink base 128 GB

As we have already commented in other applications, the Background processes are very different on iOS and Android. Thanks to this, on iPhones we can have many applications in the background whose performance will not be affected.

In case that application closures, the effect that is produced is the opposite of what many of us assume. iOS is going to need a lot of power every time you try to open the application from scratch than if you have it in the background, which will mean a greater waste of resources and time.

On the other hand, RAM memory is another very interesting aspect that we have to take into account if we want take care of device performance. By default, Apple does not let us free up RAM (and I’m not sure why) so we have to use third-party applications. One of the applications that I always recommend is Device Monitor due to its easy operation and good results.


iPhone 15 pink and blue base model 128 GB

If there is something that affects iPhones, it is always the temperature. A higher temperature not only causes the components to suffer more, but also the battery degrades at a faster ratedirectly affecting the user experience.

In fact, if the device reaches a temperature that the system itself can consider worryingreduces the fluidity, the performance of the device and in extreme cases, prevents you from using the device until it reaches a “normal temperature”

Delete everything you need

iPhone 15 pink and blue standard and Plus model

When you buy an iPhone for the first time, it comes with a large number of applications that you surely do not use such as Garage Band, iMovie and it may even be iWork and that it is always advisable to delete to gain extra space that is always useful.

Now, there are other functions that we can add, such as widgets. Despite their great advantages that we all know, they are processes that are in the background all the time. Consequently, they consume a large amount of unit resources, affecting daily battery performance and increased component wear. Therefore, any widget that you do not use regularly, you should delete it if you want your iPhone to run smoother and faster.