With this app you can turn your iPhone into a Samsung S24 or a Z Fold

In order to experience what an Android phone is like, you don't need to purchase a new device. Samsung offers a solution that allows iPhone users to take a first-person look at the Android experience, specifically through its interface One UIwithout having to leave the current device.

Simulating Android on the iPhone is possible

The web application Try Galaxy from Samsung is a tool that simulates the user experience of its latest Galaxy devices on an iPhone. This simulation is easy to configure and users of an iPhone 7 model or later, test the experience and explore what's new in Samsung's One UI interface. The idea behind this initiative is to offer a no-obligation trial of the ecosystem Androidespecially for those who are considering making the change but are not completely sure yet.

To begin the adventure, users simply visit the trygalaxy.com website through the Safari browser on the iPhone, although the use of other browsers that allow you to add the site to the home screen is also supported. Once there, the process involves adding the Try Galaxy icon to the home screen, which gives us a shortcut to the Android simulation on the iPhone. The experience is rich and interactive, although, as expected, it does not allow the use of real applications, but is limited to simulations. However, these simulations already give us a pretty close look at what it would be like to navigate a real Galaxy device, including customizing themes, managing messages, and exploring various settings.

Although the tool is clearly aimed at those who are considering the option of switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy device, it is also an interesting opportunity for those users who are somewhat curious about the Android ecosystem. The possibility of experimenting with another interface without having to invest in a new device is an interesting proposal for those interested in technology.

It is also possible to have a Galaxy Z Fold

One of the highlights of Try Galaxy is the opportunity to simulate the experience of using a foldable device, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5. To do this, the use of two iPhones is required, configuring the simulation on both to replicate the design folding. Through this experience, users can get a better idea and have a more realistic impression of the multitasking capabilities and visual possibilities that a foldable device offers.


Samsung's Try Galaxy initiative is a very interesting example of how companies can cross the barriers between competing ecosystems to offer users a window to new experiences. Although the simulation cannot fully replicate the feel of specific hardware or the full software integration of a real device, it does provide a valid and accessible view of what it could be like to switch from an iPhone to a Galaxy device.