With this, the iPhone 14 Pro would be perfect

The Pro models of the iPhone 14 have left the vast majority of users quite satisfied. In fact, if we look back, these have been one of the iPhones that have included the most new features with respect to their predecessors. However, not everything is perfect and there are certain points that, if Apple had included or improved them, these iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max would be perfect.

What is missing from the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max?

The Cupertino company is making it increasingly difficult to improve the previous Pro model, whether it is 6.1 or 6.7 inches, with the passing of generations. However, it does not mean that there are obviously points for improvement or functions that would be very useful to have on both devices. For this reason, below we have chosen the 5 that, in our opinion, would make the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max the perfect devices.

  • No one can doubt that Face ID is the best facial recognition that exists, in addition to the fact that it is surely the most comfortable way to unlock the iPhone. However, at certain times you miss being able to use the Touch IDtherefore, having this touch unlock either on the device screen or even, as is the case with the iPad Air and iPad mini, on the lock button, would be really positive for those times when using Face ID does not it’s so comfortable.

  • If we talk about comfort, surely one of the aspects in which users have been begging Apple for years is in the connector. In a society where the USB-C is so widespread, including the rest of Apple devices, that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max continue to have Lightning is a delay, not only to add convenience when charging the device, but to be able to transfer files at a higher speed.
  • And since we are talking about charging the iPhone, something that the rest of the smartphone manufacturers offer but that Apple seems to refuse to expand is the charging speed. So far, the “fast” charge of the iPhone reaches up to 20 W, while other manufacturers offer 30 or even 60 W, making the device fully charged in a few minutes.
  • Another aspect related to charging, and of course it would be very useful to have it, not to charge the iPhone but other accessories such as AirPods is the reversible load. Apple has already considered the option of including it in previous models and although it has not finally reached any of the iPhones available today, it would be something very useful to charge, for example, AirPods in those moments when the battery runs out you don’t have any charger or plug at hand.

AirPods Pro

  • Finally, a function that everyone thought that Apple was going to include in these iPhones but that has not finally arrived is the front camera centered framing, mainly intended for video calls. This function is already present in the vast majority of Apple devices such as Macs or iPads. However, when we all thought that it would reach the iPhone in this generation, Apple has left it by the wayside.