With this trick you will see your apps as you want

One of the best accessibility options that the iPhone has is the possibility of modifying how we see the interface. Although the adjustment that we already had changes the entire interface completely, in this post we bring you a trick to change only those applications that interest youmaintaining the default aesthetic on the other screens.

The trick is in the Settings per app

In order to better see the iPhone interface, there are several accessibility settings that we have available: increase the contrast, reduce the intensity of bright colors, reduce movement, make the text bold, the letters larger, etc. However, until now we had the limitation that once these settings were applied, they were applied to all parts of the iPhone.

This has changed thanks to a rather hidden option, within the accessibility settings. To start, we will have to go to Settings> Accessibility. Once we’re in here, we’ll have to go all the way down to the bottom, until we see an option called Settings by app.

Within this category, we are going to see an empty list (since that is how it is by default), in which we will have a button called Add app available. If we press it, a list will appear with all the applications that we have installed on the iPhone, which are compatible with the adjustments of font, color, size or layout changes. At this time, we will have to choose one of them.

big text apps iphone

When we have the application selected, click on it, and this is where we will see all the parameters that we have available to tweak. Of course, only within this application that we modify. If we go to any other, this will be displayed by default, according to the configuration that we have established on the iPhone. The options we have available to tweak are as follows:

  • bold text
  • larger text
  • button outlines
  • I/O Labels
  • reduce transparency
  • differentiate without color
  • smart investment
  • reduce movement
  • Preview videos automatically

What does this versatility in adjustments bring?

The best thing about this trick is that in each application we can configure the parameters as we want. In one we can have the bold text activated, while in another, we can have the color inversion activated. We can even apply these settings on the iPhone home screen, without the other applications having to be affected. In this way, we have access to a good part of the accessibility settings in content display issues, but personalized and adapted based on. Our needs, without this having to interfere with the rest of the applications, areas and uses of the phone.

In addition, these settings can be modified over time, and even reverted. In the list of applications that we have configured, we can select any of them and delete it. In this way, all the settings that we have configured for this specific app will be restored, and the application that we previously had customized will now be seen by default, as if we had not touched anything.