Would you accept €10,000 for never using your iPhone again?

Many of us have a connection to Apple that goes beyond technology, my recent pilgrimage to California’s Apple Park goes deeper than going to a store looking for a common appliance. That is why you are reading these lines, and we are writing them for you.

Would you accept €10,000 in exchange for never using an iPhone again? That is the question Warren Buffet has been asked, one of the richest men in the world. You will be surprised by his answer, he is quite clear about it, are you?

In a recent interview with CNBC, the tycoon has talked about his investments, making it clear that 39% of his portfolio is owned by Apple, of which he owns almost 6%, which would make him one of the main shareholders. . In this interview he has had good words for Tim Cook, who has recently surpassed Steve Jobs himself in terms of the time he has been in charge of the most valuable company in the world. Yes ok, the path of roses that Tim Cook has faced has little or nothing to do with the Apple that good Steve created, sank and raised again.

Be that as it may, Warren Buffet has declined this offer, has left

If you’re an Apple user and someone offers you $10,000, but the only condition is that your iPhone will be taken away from you and you’ll never be able to buy another one, you’re not going to take it. If they tell you they give you $10,000 and you don’t buy another Ford car, you take the $10,000 and buy a Chevy instead.

By this he means that feelings play an important role, and Apple sells feelings and experiences, something that Warren Buffet seems to be quite clear on.

For my part, it is clear to me, for €100,000 (no less), I would use devices from other brands for life, for how much?