The Apple TV+ app is found on many platforms, not just Apple. We can find it in Sony (PlayStation), Mirosoft (Xbox) and add and go. But there has always been a platform that seems to resist entering. We are talking about Android, the rival operating system of iOS. Apple TV is supposed to be an Apple application for company devices and for those users with apple terminals. However, if it has opened up to other places, why not in its most direct rival? A rumor says that it will happen.

It is not an exaggeration to think that we can have the Apple TV App on Android devices. Furthermore, we already know that the first, is now available on Android TV for about two years. Last year, the app came to Chromecast with Google TV, followed by a later release on all Android TV devices, because at first, if you remember, it was limited to certain devices.

But a new rumor indicates that it is more than likely that the Apple application reach those devices with the mobile operating system. The origin of this rumor is located in the user of the social network Twitter, @VNchocoTaco. This user has released a message indicating that Apple TV is coming to Android. Keep in mind that Apple needs to reach the more users, the better. It is imperative for the company to gain a foothold and take market share. Although there are many Apple users, Android is a bigger market.

the hit ratio of this analyst is very uneven. That is why we will have to be vigilant and with Over time to see if indeed the Apple App is introduced on Android and on what terms and prices. It is a matter of patience.