It is not the first time that we have talked about a possible folding iPhone. However, what we bring you right now is not a rumor about the possible existence of a device with these characteristics. We are talking about the inclusion of a patent generated and recorded by Apple in which the possibility of creating a shell-style iPhone is mentioned but with a chassis that would make it very special. Suppose, it was sensitive to touch. At the moment it is a patent, but this supposes the foundations on a probable version of a new iPhone model.

Imagine the possibility of having a foldable iPhone in your hands. Surely you have considered it more than once, especially when Samsung launched its shell-shaped terminal on the market. We already know all the problems it had and the price it went on the market for, but we also know that although It is not a very sold terminal, It attracts a lot of attention because it is an intelligent screen capable of folding itself and increasing its size proportionally to the way it is unfolded. Of course, we are very clear that it is likely that it will not occupy much length but it will be wide and that is a nuisance today.

But imagine that Apple launches it on the market and that they also tell you that its chassis is sensitive to touch and that has virtual buttons. All this is what has been registered in the new patent that has been registered. We already know that being a patent it may not come true and remain an idea, but it is something.

Filed by Apple in April 2021 and approved this week by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the new patent explores ideas for “Electronic Devices Containing Display Structures and Touch Sensors” and envisions how parts of a device might work. as input surfaces to increase the display or for use when the screen is folded.

It describes how display layers and touch sensor layers could be “overlaid” on the outer panels of a device, and how touch sensors could go under a layer of glass along the front, bottom, and ” “curved side walls” of a device, lor that hints at the potential for touch input throughout the exterior chassis.