WristChat Is Now 100% Compatible With WhatsApp

The new WristChat app is finally here. You may use this to check your conversations and send new messages. Fans of WhatsApp should check out WristChat, a new app.

You may read and react to messages from your Apple Watch using the sophisticated Apple Watch app.

The software is customizable in a variety of ways. You may choose the color of your chat bubbles and whether or not profile images are displayed in the chat list.

WristChat Has Several New Features

Support for read-receipts and group conversations are among the other features. Complications are also supported, allowing you to instantly access the app from your watch face. When replying to messages, you may utilize the Apple Watch Series 7’s available system input methods, including Scribble, Voice Dictation, and the built-in keyboard.

WristChat also supports the keyboard app WristBoard if you have an earlier Apple Watch model (formerly Shift Keyboard). When you use WristBoard to compose a message, it will immediately switch to WristChat to transmit the message. The keyboard app also has auto-correct and smart text predictions, and it can be used to react to messages.

Even though the Apple Watch has been on the market for over seven years, WhatsApp is still not available on the wearable. WhatsApp’s development team is unable to create an app for the Watch. That’s logical, given that the umbrella group Meta has a yearly revenue of just 118 billion dollars.

Fortunately, developer Adam Foot has released WristChat, which allows you to use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch for the first time. View your chats, respond to messages, and add a widget to your watch face for easy access.

WristChat is still limited in certain ways. You can’t see photographs or videos in the app, and replying is restricted to Scribble and dictation, so the Apple Watch Series 7 keyboard isn’t available. The WristBoard keyboard app is required if you wish to type. This software costs €2.99, however, there is a €3.99 package that includes WristBoard and WristChat.