Xiaomi copies Apple, but can never match it

Why will it never become The Bitten Apple?

There are three reasons Fundamentals of why Xiaomi will never become The Bitten Apple, despite the fact that the CEO of the company constantly winks at Steve Jobs’ presentations and the marketing, design, and product presentation movements as well as the physical stores, Xiaomi Store be identical.

Market segment

Apple has a market segment completely different from the one presented that Xiaomi is looking for. Despite the fact that Xiaomi presented high-end devices, its target is really users of the mid-range and low-end segments, where you can get a very competitive price compared to the competition.

Most of Xiaomi’s products are below 700-800 euros, because if a Xiaomi starts to release products above 1,000 euros, many users prefer to buy an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy Ultra or a Google Pixel, because are products that a higher market value.

Operating system and ecosystem

All companies year after year try to seek generate an ecosystem as Apple has been generating for decades. The integration between software and hardware that Apple has achieved makes it very complex for Xiaomi teams, which do not master either of these two areas, to make their devices integrate perfectly with each other, so they will always be behind the Californian company .

Xiaomi depends on Androidan incredible Operating System, but it is present in many phones in the technology industry, where each company adds its own layer of customization, so there is no such link as if Apple products have been since their development.

Apple presents three or four iPhone products every year and does not always renew its entire range of iPads or Macs, while Xiaomi can present more than twenty devices in a year. next to it, Apple supports all of its devices for five yearsa differential aspect in Xiaomi that cannot support a wide variety of products and that are continually being renewed.

Apple Product Suite

Xiaomi, you are a great company

Perhaps Xiaomi’s real problem is that they don’t believe the potential it has as a brand and everything he has achieved in just a few years. Xiaomi’s products are very good, cheap products that go beyond mobile telephony, developing incredible products such as tablets, laptops, watches, scooters and even monitors, or they have already made significant investments in the development of electric cars.

The Beijing-based company has managed to extract the best of Apple, that is, its marketing campaigns, product presentation and even similar design. Along with this, they have exploited the advantages and characteristics of Xiaomi, such as the price and the huge number of different devices to suit all users. If you are looking for a phone with specific specifications, Xiaomi surely has the ideal device for you.

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