You are going to travel? Three key accessories with a minimum price

When you go to travel, you always like to optimize resources and take our favorite gadgets, so that you never miss any accessory. Therefore, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, we attach three very interesting products and best of all, is that they are at your minimal price.

VEGER Power Bank

This external battery 5000mA It is compatible with all iPhones from the iPhone 6, which means that practically any device today is compatible with that endless charging base.

One of its most interesting features is the Loading capacity that allows a device like the iPhone 13 to be charged 50% in 20 minutes. Of course, this gadget has fast charge, but only with those devices that are compatible with it, such as the iPhone X onwards. It should be noted that, despite its little size, allows you to carry it in your bag or in your travel backpack. Lastly, this device is currently with a 32% discount.

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger


Having Google Maps or the iPhone Maps application connected while we are charging the iPhone can be counterproductive due to its temperature. However, in this section, we include a 36W wireless charging pad that executes intelligent heat management through MagSafe technology, which prevents your iPhone from reaching high temperatures.

Support through the load, allows your device to stay sure due to its powerful magnets and non-slip silicone ring. It is also important to note that this charging base connects to the car slitswhich favors the drop in temperature whenever you put the air conditioning.

3 in 1 wireless charger for iPhone


Finally, if you are going to travel on vacation or go to work, you surely do not want to carry many cables with you. For this reason, we bring you this wireless charging pad small, but that allows you to charge your main devices: Airpods, Apple Watch and iPhone.

This charging base is compatible with the Qi Technology, which allows you to charge your units quickly due to its most advanced automatic induction control technology.

Also, it has a chip what includes technology that prevents overload, protection against technology and protection against overcurrent and overvoltage, as well as temperature control and detection of foreign objects.

Another very interesting point is the compatibility with all Apple devices that allow wireless charging, that is, from the iPhone to the aforementioned iPhone 14 Pro Max. Finally, it should be noted that it is fully customizable and you can move the load cells horizontally and vertically, improving their ease of transport.

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