You can already see what the iPhone 15 will be like

There is one week left for Apple to celebrate one of the biggest events in its history, or at least that is how they are selling us that it will be the Developers Conference that will take place on June 5. However, the protagonists today are still the iPhone 15. If you want to see them with your own eyes, keep reading.

A first look at the new iPhone 15

The interest and hype raised by the iPhone Worldwide, it is difficult to match any other Apple product, and we could even say that it is technological, and a very good proof of this is the amount of rumors that always come out about what is new that each model will bring. In this case, what we want to tell you, and also teach you, They are replicas that have leaked and to which the MacRumors medium has had access. These are the models that many manufacturers of covers use to be able to carry out these products and have them ready for when these new devices go on the market.

The first thing you have to know is that these replicas only reveal the shape of the device and small details which, obviously, are also relevant. Something that stands out, but that really was already known that it was going to be like this is the USB-C port that all the models have in their lower part, and that is that although they will be different inside, from the outside they are completely the same in the normal models and in the Pro models.

usb c iphone

Another aspect that can also be seen in these replicas is that, as expected, the shape of the edges of these new iPhone 15 was going to vary With respect to the current ones, adopting a small curvature that, according to MacRumors, makes it more comfortable to hold the device by hand, although at first glance the truth is that the change is not too noticeable. Now, what is it shows is the modification of the volume buttons, which have come together to obtain a single one, as had also been leaked weeks ago. And if we talk about buttons, what also seems to change but in this case cannot be seen is the mute button or switchwhich will give way to a customizable button, just like on the Apple Watch Ultra.

iPhone 15

One of the rumors that could not be confirmed with these replicas is the material that the Pro and normal models will have, since according to what they indicate this could change. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus would adopt the same material that the Pro now have, since these would become made of titanium, something that obviously could not be verified with these replicas, so until a real image of The new iPhone will not be able to confirm or deny this rumor that has given so much talk and that, of course, if it is finally confirmed, it would be great news for all users who have in mind to purchase these products.